Sunday, October 6, 2013

Unusual Food Object

 I wasn't sure whether I should eat this or hatch it. It's a jackfruit, or a langka, or kha-nun. I'd tasted it canned, and liked it enough to put it in a banana-jackfruit jam, but the canned fruit was kind of rubbery. I didn't realize what buying a fresh one meant.

I mean, sure, 10lbs of fruit, but I had no idea what was inside. It turns out the ugly fruit is a PEACH MOTHERSHIP!

Thank-you, this website! She Simmers had much better pictures and lots of good suggestions. Which I followed, I swear. Except...

 She was working with a sane portion of the fruit. I had bought a whole face-hugger egg.

 This is what happens when you cannot repeatedly oil your fingers without risking accidental amputation. I did have the presence of mind to set out half a cup of coarse flour before I began, which made a dry dough on my fingers, and rubbed it right off. Because soap and water make it STICKIER.

 This is how much food you give to the raccoons. You will have some really annoyed raccoons, when they get this on their fur. You will lose an entire star off your Haute Scavenger rating, too.
This is how much edible food you get from a 10lb fruit! Apparently the large seeds are edible as chestnuts, so I'm going to try either boiling them or roasting them on the stove. We'll see. Maybe I'll try to win back my rating.

The yellow pods average about half the size of a large peach. And they taste a bit like a banana-peach smoothie, too!

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