Friday, May 17, 2013

I'm supposed to be tidying my work area, and I keep finding things to read

This is just the part I'm not as ashamed to show. But digging through the hoard is a lot like sifting the compost heap: sometimes you turn up the toy soldier from yesteryear, the spoon you probably used to scrape the bottom of the kitchen bucket last year, or the weeding fork that was carelessly tossed into the pile with all the weeds.

I found another list someone at some sewing store or other had made when recommending useful items for sewing. I included a couple of items of my own... and never forwarded the list to the next person. Because that's what happens when you buy fabric without a purpose. And this was OLD, from my own toddler years!

Useful sewing supplies:

1. A Door To Shut on the craft room.
2. A lockable armoire, in lieu of craft room.
3. Slat-wall shelving to hang stuff out of reach of the beloveds.
4. Fake-out shears for the clueless people who don't respect fabric shears.
5. An Evil Eye to wear on the back of the head.
6. A box of Lego to keep busybodies busy.
7. An extra pedal under the table so Sir can go ZOOM! and you won't.

My own additions were, of course, considerably wordier, and a bit more practical:

1. Fishing tackle box with lock. (It stores thread, needles, shears, and everything a kid can shove up his nose or use to break your house.)

2. Clear plastic snap lid storage bin. (Stores everything the cats will sleep on, pee on, or barf on. Also limits the amount of stuff you are in danger of hoarding.)

That one didn't work because I hit a Rubbermaid sale at Zellers.

3. Lock for shears. (Prevents helper from "helping". Prevents spouse from using the shears to cut paper, wire, drill small holes in drywall, and cut human hair.)

Just don't lose the key!

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