Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sai Case Details - for the feminine deadly assassin

You get things done when you stop whistling while you work. While you work with a BBQ lighter, anyway.

I finally finished my daughter's sai case! It's ridiculous, how loud her gear bag clanks on the way to the dojo, some days. Same goes for my son, but not so much with the metal - he's all about the wooden weapons. And it will only get worse when they start iaido.

The case isn't quite finished in this picture, but it's the best shot I have of the embroidery design framed by the handles. Embroidery design by Urban Threads. I reoriented and enlarged it 20%.

As you can see, it's a complete stash-buster. The case consists of the lining quilted to the batting, with the sai sheaths and "page" stitched down. The shell is a sturdy rubber-backed nylon basted at the edges to a 3/16" thick interfacing, lightly scored at the middle to form the spine, and the handles stitched through both layers in a continuous loop to minimize strain on the fabric.

I didn't have one zipper long enough to run the entire length of the edge, so I had the two separating zippers meet in the middle, with a generous "tail" at the corners so the case can open flat. And I whipped the binding by hand to finish it.

It's machine-washable, but will likely never see anything resembling detergent. Because, teenager.

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